We can made almost any order, in different styles, we have a lot of options of mask-models, colors for silicone, plastic and fur and more than 7 different versions of paws!!!

We always have elegant, not bulky, and miniature heads and paws - it's BEAUTIFUL.

90% of what we do - is handmade.

We have affordable prices!


And we also meet the customer halfway, so that the customs fee is minimal.




At any time, you can write to us and ask any question about the commissions.

If we like your char, we can take your order even if the orders are closed.


The cost of our work is in the price list. To get the exact price, you need to send us a reference and your wishes.


The price depends on the complexity of the character, amount of colors, muscles foam-pads, selected materials.




We ask for a prepayment of 50% of the order to our PayPal (we issue an invoice) or by transfer to a Bank card.

30% of this money is the cost of the slot RESERVE in the queue, and it is non-refundable!




We don't have a deadline. Any order is not limited in production time.

Usually, we need from 2 weeks to 3 months to complete a simple order without taking into account the queue. We assume that we will need about a year for making a complex fursuit. Waiting time for the queue may take from 1 to 3 years or more.

These are only approximate figures, we do not guarantee the time and do not return the money if the production seems long to you.

Fursuit is a creative process.




In rare cases, we are ready to take a simple urgent fursuit with the deadline — it will cost +50% of the order price.

And you pay the entire remaining amount at once.

AFTER FULL payment, the deadline for completing this urgent order will be 2-3 months. Urgent orders DO not ACCEPT any edits, as they slow down the process!

You need to respond quickly in discussions and in advance to send us a very detailed refference and wishes!!!

If the order is not fulfilled within 3 months, we refund all the money except a 30% Deposit (within 1 week to 3 months from the date of cancellation).




You can check our list of orders in Trello. It need for familiarization! And it is not an ordinal list of fursuits making! We make 2-3 orders in parallel, selecting them from the list. Of course, we will not do the first one who ordered yesterday, and the one who made the order 2 years ago wу will not do at the end. However, we reserve the right to decide in what order to make orders and do not accept criticism in this regard.

Why? Because it is not always technically possible (waiting for fur, delivery of plastics, the customer's desire to freeze the order, and so on.)



We ship WORLDWIDE via EMS-post (other options are discussed)

Delivery is paid by the buyer! And it costs very cheap - only$ 50-100 per parcel, always with a tracking number!

For customs, we specify a purely symbolic value of the parcel, so that you pay less customs fees!



After your order is fully completed, delivery will take place no earlier than 10 days!

We will ship your suite within 3 months.

After sending the parcel to the post office, we are not responsible for the delivery time and quality. You can call the post office or write a statement to your post office if the parcel is lost or damaged, and they should return money compensation.

In case of LOSS of the fursuit by post, if it is not found by them within the specified period (or 3 months), we will refund you half of the cost (50%) of the fursuit!

If the fursuit is found in the post and they sent it to us, then we will pay for re-sending. (If need a third shipping, it is again paid for by the client, etc.).

We understand and always meet the customers.




1. Paying for a place in the queue

2. Waiting, discussing the order, preparing for work.

3. We inform you about the start of work. You make basic body measurements and send us your DTD (duct tape dummy).

4. Again we discuss your order (primary stages). By this time, the fur and your DTD should arrive at our post address.

5. Making a mask-base and show you photos

6. We do everything we need to do before the tape pattern and show the photo to the customer, or post it on instagram.

7. Sewing, doing small details

8. Fur-cutting, airbrushing (by necessity)

9. At the end, we making claws, eyelids, pads and other small things, additionally cutting and airbrushing by necessary and at our discretion

10. Always we making a photoshoot on the master or dummy

11. Until that time, the entire remaining amount for the order must be paid in any way! Then we ship the fursuit to the customer




You can cancel your order at any time! It's not a problem!

But we have refund conditions. They are described below.

At any time before we start, you can change the character if you don't like it anymore, make any changes to the order, and get a recalculation.




If you decide to cancel your order on your initiative, please read the following terms and conditions carefully!

Money cannot be requested and immediately received on demand.

!!!30% of the order price is a service-reserve a place in the queue!!!

Immediately after payment was made and your order add in to-do list, the service is considered rendered and the money becomes ours and we spend it on our own needs.

All money already paid in excess of 30% we can return you. You will get them after we sell your fur or finished and sell fursuit for sale (from your fur), or finish and sell your fursuit. The waiting period of money is from 1 week to 3 months from the moment of order cancellation. If you haven't received the money in 3 months, you have the right to file a claim with PayPal. And after reviewing the case, wait for compensation.





If you like the fursuit that was put up for sale, you can write to us in DIRECT on instagram or buy it at dealersden.

In instagram, the first person who wrote, reserved, and paid for the fursuit gets a fursuit. Payment by invoice via PayPal.

We have a business account in PayPal and pay taxes in our country, SO buying FROM US is SAFE.

After payment, we finish the fursuit, customize it according to your measurements and ship it. It may take up to 3 months before the shipment date. Then you get a track number to track.

If you CHANGE your mind to buy, but have already paid, we will post the sale again and refund the money within 3 months or after the moment when the fursuit will be paid by the new buyer. You will receive a refund of 100% of the amount paid (Commission at PayPal's discretion) to your PayPal account.



Do not use slicker brushes and comb for animals!
Don’t wash your fursuit with hot water.
Don’t use a washing machine for your fursuit head. Wash it by hands only. Not to wet the electronics.
Don’t put your fursuit into a clothes dryer with heat. Don’t use hot hair dryers.
Don’t store your fursuit and fursuit parts wet or damp. After wetting the fur be sure to comb it with a wide-toothed comb in the direction of the pile.
Don’t store your fursuit in direct sunlight.
Don’t attempt to wash your fursuit with bleach or other harsh substances.
Don't leave your fursuit in the car.
Please always use hard suitcase or a big bag that you won't press it to carry/preserve your resin head fursuit. Any pressing or crashing may damage the suit, especially the head.

I don't take responsibility for fursuits which were damaged by their owner or were changed (changed nose, eyes, fur patterns and other details).

Within three months from the date of get the fursuit you can at any time contact us for a free cosmetic repair. You pay only the delivery suit to us and back.
We are located in Russia, if you want complex to repair or modify your fursuit, you will need to pay for the work and double shipping. So will be easier and cheaper for you to find someone who can help you nearby.

IMPORTANT! If you not properly stored, transported and cleaned suit, damaged or soiled it in the process of exploit, we are not responsible for it! We are ready to help you to fix or clean fursuit distantly!

However since we live in Russia we know shipping is a pain, so we will try my best to teach you repairing the problem via internet.


Usually for the body, we ask to ship US a DTD mannequin made of Scotch tape. Sometimes, as an exception, we sew the fur for body by the measures. We also ask you to send a full-length photo to check the DTD in the process, do not be surprised. For hand-paws with 5 fingers we need for measurements of each finger, length and girth of the hand. To measure the head for the mask or to check whether the mask is suitable for you we use three measurements see the photo